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About Us

Bligh Sure Start Children’s Centre Vision Statement:
“We support the children, parents and carers in our community by providing accessible, life-long learning opportunities that promote positive relationships and happy families.”
Bligh Sure Start Children’s Centre provides services and activities in Strood South, Cuxton and Halling for families with children 5 and under. We were designated as a Phase One Children’s Centre in 2005, originally just covering Strood South and sharing boarders with Gun Lane and Temple Mill Children’s Centres. Our reach area was extended to include Cuxton and Halling communities in September 2009 resulting in a diverse mix of urban and rural communities.
We provide health and family support services, adult training and early year’s advice and guidance. The centre is open for 50 weeks a year, eleven hours a day and is a School based model governed on behalf of the Medway Local Authority by the Governing Body of the on-site Infant and Junior Schools. The work of the Bligh Sure Start Children’s Centre is steered by the Bligh Advisory Board, which is open to local parents and carers to attend.
The Community Team works across community venues providing family friendly services at a variety of locations including Libraries, Strood Leisure Centre, local Schools and Pre-schools, Community Halls and Centres, and outside spaces. We ask families to complete a Sure Start Children’s Centre Registration Form with us because it helps with data collection and Ofsted evidence. It helps us to keep track of families who are accessing our Centre and where they are coming from. Without this information and proof of what a valuable service Sure Start Children’s Centre’s provide, they may not be around in the future, so sign-up and help make Children’s Centre’s part of your families futures!
"Bligh Children’s Centre is committed to recruiting with care and safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all parents/carers, staff and volunteers to share this commitment."

The Safeguarding Policy is available on the website and on request at the Centre.

Graded as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted June 2013! 

(See the Ofsted Report under 'Latest News and Activities).

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pdf.gif: Bligh Children's Centre Map

Bligh Children's Centre Map

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pdf.gif: Registration Form

Registration Form

WHY DO WE ASK YOU TO SIGN-IN OR REGISTER WITH THE CHILDREN'S CENTRE? When new families join us at the Children's Centre or attend new groups, we ask them to fill in a Registration Form and Sign-in on a register. This is so we have a record of families using the Centre and its services. This also enables us to contact you should the need arise or keep you updated about different activities provided, including existing opportunities.
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