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School Aims and Objectives


  ‘Unlocking potential for happy, life-long learning’    

The Bligh Federation will value the contribution your child makes, support our families and play an active part in our local community.
We recognise that every child is a unique individual with a skill to be nurtured.  It is our responsibility to ensure that every child in our school truly matters.
Your child will be helped, encouraged and expected to achieve to the best of their ability and their achievements will be celebrated.
Everyone in our school community is positively encouraged to be a learner.
Your child will learn to make choices, be responsible for his or her own actions, be polite, be co-operative, to get along with others and to care for the environment in which we live and learn.
The aims of our Federaton:      
The Bligh Federation has adopted the following aims of education:
We aim to make it possible for EVERY child to reach their full potential, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic origin or disability, and make EVERY child proud of their achievements by:
  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant and coherent
  • Encouraging high standards in the basic skills of talking, reading, writing, mathematics and ICT in order to develop better understanding and enjoyment of the whole curriculum
  • Using individual target setting to create an expectation of achievement
  • Providing a stimulating school environment that promotes delight in, and a positive attitude towards learning
  • Promoting the key skills of communication, application of number, information technology, working with others, improving their own learning and problem solving
  • Valuing creativity, imagination and self-expression
  • Supporting and encouraging those with special educational needs, including the more able, so that they have maximum access to the whole curriculum
  • Monitoring each child’s progress and using assessment to accelerate learning
  • Developing independence and providing opportunities for children to make choices and try out their own ideas
We aim to provide a secure and happy environment in which EVERY child is able to develop confidence, self-esteem and respect for others by:
  • Valuing their efforts and those of others
  • Celebrating their achievements
  • Encouraging co-operative activities and the sharing of ideas and aspirations
  • Fostering concern for and understanding the needs of other
  • Helping each child to be aware of and respect spiritual and moral values, and respecting the beliefs and religion of others
  • Appreciating and valuing individuality and difference
  • Offering a clear framework of expectations about behaviour and the rights and responsibilities of every individual
  • Meeting difficulties with perseverance and good humour
We aim to create a welcoming school, which serves the needs of the parents and the wider community by:
  • Keeping parents closely involved in their child’s progress
  • Taking positive steps to involve all parents in the life of the school and encouraging children, parents and teachers to support the Home/School Agreement
  • Inviting all adults associated with the school to be an active member of the Friends of Bligh Federation
  • Fostering links with other schools, churches, community homes and voluntary organisations in our community
  • Contributing to local events and charities
  • Valuing visitors and the sharing of ideas and experience of the wider world
  • Liaising with all agencies concerned with the welfare of our children
  • Helping children to understand and appreciate their local environment

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